Farm Food Hamster Adult 500 grams

Farm Food Hamster Adult 500 grams

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Discover natural food with JR Farm Food Hamster. This unique combination of a balanced, expertly developed complete feed mixture with more than 35 different seeds and four high-quality animal protein sources brings the original nutrition of your hamster to your home. The present farm complex supports the intestinal flora with prebiotic inulin (from the root of the parsnip) and yucca extract reduces the odor of urine. The Farm Food recipe provides all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the life of an adult animal.

 35 different seeds
 four high-quality animal protein sources
 with prebiotic inulin
 yucca extract reduces the odor of urine

JR Farm is no exaggeration when it comes to the composition of the Farm Food Hamster food!

The content is impressive.

Manna millet, La Plata millet, oats, silver millet, dari, milk grain, buckwheat, wheat, corn, wheat flakes, carrots, spelled, parsnip 2.4%, canary grass seeds, grass plant seeds, red mohair millet, Senegal millet, rice, wild seeds ( consisting of others from clover Alexandrine, dock, daisies, goosefoot, millet, shepherd's purse, chamomile, knotweed, cornflowers, meld, poppy, red swirl, spinach seeds, violets, chick, plantain, German ryegrass, German ryegrass, meadow plume, shrimp, windmill %, Beetroot, linseed 1.7%, silkworm 1.6%, fennel seeds, mung beans, rosehip, milk thistle seeds, mealworms 1%, fenugreek seeds, Gammarus 1%, peeled sesame, amaranth, blue poppy seed, marigold flowers, parsley, hemp seed, strawberries Carrot flakes, tomatoes 0.5%, bell pepper, zucchini 0.5%, cucumber, black cumin, Knaulgrassaat, Lieschgrassaat, Luzern seeds, dill seeds, Yucca 0.2%

Nutritional recommendation JR Farm Food Hamster Adult

Only refill the food bowl if it is almost empty. Give a maximum of as much food every day as is eaten completely within 24 hours.