JR FARM Back to Instinct Fun-Park
JR FARM Back to Instinct Fun-Park
JR FARM Back to Instinct Fun-Park

JR FARM Back to Instinct Fun-Park

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Back to Instinct: Rouse your animal's primal instincts. Rodents and dwarf rabbits sniff out their food in natural surroundings, including in the ground. That's why you should also occupy your animal at home with the self-sufficient search for food and train its sensory organs at the same time. This activity not only contributes towards your animal's balance and stress reduction, but you will also have fun watching your animal. Hide the enclosed, cereal free Grainless Drops in the towers and spaces, and your animal will immediately start searching for food.

The fun park is made of natural fibre tubes surrounded by hay, which are completely edible. So, your animal can play with the fun park unsupervised. Made of 100% natural components.


JR FARM „Back to Instinct" Fun-Park: natural fiber 44%, mountain meadow hay 25%, starch, marigold blossoms

JR Grainless Mixed Drops: peas, carrots 11.2%, starch, parsley, dandelion 3.5%, beetroots 2.5%, ribwort, timothy grass, nettle 1.7%, cocksfoot, smooth stalk meadow grass, oat herb, red clover, meadow fescue, ladies mantel

Rodent Marbles: maize 96%, lucerne 2.5%, carrots 1.2%, beetroots 0.3%


Rodent Marbles: Additives/kg: nutritional additives: iron (III) oxide

Analytical constituents

JR Grainless Mixed Drops: protein 15.9%, fat content 6.7%, crude fibre 6.0%, crude ash 3.8%

Rodent Marbles: protein 9.8%, fat content 3.2%, crude fibre 3.5%, crude ash 1.7%

Feeding recommendation

Replace as required.

JR FARM Back to Instinct Fun-Park