JR Farm Rodent Grainless Drops (Dandelion)
JR Farm Rodent Grainless Drops (Dandelion)
JR Farm

JR Farm Rodent Grainless Drops (Dandelion)

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The perfect treat for all rodents. They are of course 100% grain-free and free of additives such as sugar or honey. Refined and enriched with high-fibre dandelion.

Complementary feed for all rodents and dwarf rabbits.


peas, parsley, starch, timothy grass, cocksfoot, dandelion 5%, smooth stalk meadow grass, ribwort, red clover, meadow fescue, ladies mantel

Analytical constituents

protein 16.9%, fat content 6.1%, crude fibre 8.1%, crude ash 4.8%

Feeding recommendation

Intended as a snack.

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