JR Farm Chinchilla Feast
JR Farm Chinchilla Feast
JR Farm

JR Farm Chinchilla Feast

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  • Chinchilla feast is a natural and species-appropriate complete food mix for chinchillas. A particularly high crude fiber content and the grain-free recipe support healthy digestion and prevent overweight. With lots of vegetables, vitamins and minerals for a vital life!

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  • composition

    Growing up of permanent grassland of the Alpine foothills (consisting among other things of meadow-lieschgrass [Timothy grass], foxtail, smooth oats, knotty grass, fluffy oats, meadow panicles, red clover, sharp buttercups, smoked grass, woolly honey grass, golden oats, narrow-leaved vetch, hops, Löck, Schneck, Schneck Ribwort, Meadow Cowslip, Marguerite, Daisy, Large Bibernelle, Meadow Cabbage, Parsnip, Sorrel, Gamander Honorary Award, Common Hornbill, German Ryegrass, Soft Trespe, Bird Vetch, Fence Wick, Tridentate Marsh Orchid, Bulbous Buttercup, Meadow Knuckle, Small Rattled Pot, Small Flapper Pot Pea flakes, rose hips 5%, field bean flakes, carob, alfalfa, parsley 3%, marigold flowers, carrots, cornflower flowers, yucca

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