JR Farm Herb Bale
JR Farm Herb Bale
JR Farm

JR Farm Herb Bale

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Complementary feed for all rodents and dwarf rabbits.


Starch, wheat flakes, oat flakes, pea flakes, carrots, parsley 7%, alfalfa, wheat, puffed wheat, corn flakes, puffed corn, lemon balm, peppermint 2.6%, beetroot, ribwort, coneflower, red clover, marigold flowers, oats, dandelions, hay ;


Vitamin A 3333 iE Vitamin D3 333 iE, vitamin E 13 mg

analytical components

Protein 10.2%, fat content 2.2%, crude fiber 7.9%, crude ash 3.9%;

Feeding recommendation

Depending on the size of the animal, reach up to one herb bale per week.

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