JR Farm herb garden
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JR Farm herb garden

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Healthy crude feed for every day. The low-calorie taste experience from a composition of nine different herbs supports the dental abrasion, and the well-balanced mixture of vitamins and trace elements contributes to a healthy, shiny fur. The high crude fibre content ensures optimal digestion and thus enhances the feeling of well-being. 100g

Complementary feed for all rodents and dwarf rabbits.


oat plant, parsley 20%, lucerne, wheat plant, nettle 7.7%, melissa, dandelion, mountain meadow hay, peppermint 2.3%, chamomile petals 1.2%

Analytical constituents

Protein 13,3%, Fettgehalt 2,1%, Rohfaser 25,0%, Rohasche 9,4%, Calcium 9193 mg/kg, Phosphor 1930 mg/kg, Natrium 510 mg/kg

Feeding recommendation

Mixed with hay or other herbs; or additionally for daily hay ration.

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