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Rodipet Enterrado Corner 60mm
Rodipet Enterrado Corner 60mm
Rodipet Enterrado Corner 60mm
Rodipet Enterrado Corner 60mm

Rodipet Enterrado Corner 60mm

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  • compatible with enterrado tubes
  • coated with delicious alfalfa
  • sturdy cellulose tubes
  • 90° corner
  • interior diameter ca. 6 cm, length ca. 17 cm

Part for building a nature-like small pet burrow
To escape from predators and unpleasant weather conditions most small rodents, when living in the wild, inhabit subterranean burrows and tunnels. Our pet hamsters, gerbils and others, living in human care, are safe from those dangers, yet they still share their wild cousins’ burrowing instinct and will often try digging tunnels in their bedding.

Unfortunately, most tunnels dug into pet bedding are rather instable and prone to collapsing, so our little friends cannot usually dig their own permanent burrows. This is where our Rodipet® enterrado system comes in: You can combine the cellulose tubes as you like and create a burrow to suit your pet’s needs and instincts.

The individual elements are made from unbleached cellulose and are coated with herbs, millet husks and shredded straw to make them even more interesting for small pets. They can, of course, safely be chewed, as even the glue we use to attach the coat is edible and made from potato starch.

The enterrado Connection is simply a straight tunnel which can be used to connect other pieces – though it is also the perfect piece for lengthening a sloping entrance tunnel.

Measurements and details
Interior diameter: 6 cm (ca. 2.4 in)
L x W x H: 16 x 13 x 8 cm (ca. 6.3 x 5.1 x 3.2 in)

Rodipet® recommends this product
Dwarf hamsters, fancy mice, gerbils, Syrian hamsters and many others
Rodipet Enterrado Corner 60mm
Rodipet Enterrado Corner 60mm