Silent Runner Wheel  12 in. Reg. (Orange)

Silent Runner Wheel 12 in. Reg. (Orange)

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Exotic Nutrition's Silent Runner Wheel 12" is the most innovative wheel on the market for its safety features and whisper-silent spin. You'll love this wheel's silence, safety, and durability.
  • Suggested for: Sugar Gliders, female rats, hamsters, and similar-sized animals
  • Dual-ball bearing technology ensures smooth, quiet spin
  • No axle, no risk of fur/tail entanglement, pet wrap-a-round
  • Heavy-duty metal stand for durability
  • Textured running tracks for excellent grip
  • Wheel completely disassembles for easy cleaning
  • Bean-shaped openings, pet-preferred solid black rear wall
Measures:  12" wheel diameter, 3.5" wide track, 4" diameter openings, 13.5" tall on stand.