International Order FAQ

Dear international hamster slaves, welcome to Fatpouches. We are happy to see new faces. We would encourage you to check out our international FAQ before ordering!

Where is my package shipping from?
Sunny Singapore. Which is somewhere in Asia but not China

Customs and duties?

International orders may be subject to customs and duties, depending on your country's import laws, we do not pay or collect taxes/customs/duties on behalf of the customer, this will be the customer's responsibility

Can i purchase (insert item)? - PROHIBITED ITEMS
As every country has different import laws, it will be the customer's responsibility to check what is permissible to be imported/shipped into the country. On our end, we are able to send and fulfil the customer's entire order, however if it is deemed illegal upon entering the country and confiscated by customs, we will not be liable for any refunds or replacement

Will you still ship my order if i have selected self pickup but do not live in Singapore?
Unfortunately due to several incidents, we will be cancelling all self pickup orders with foreign billing addresses. 

  • If you would like to ship your orders, kindly place a new order and select the shipping option. 
  • If you are unable to see a shipping price for the cart, or unable to select shipping, it could mean that the order is over the maximum weight, and will require a custom shipping quote. Please contact us at on insta, or with a screenshot of your cart

Bulky and overweight items not limited to Tanks/cage/bedding/Stone/rocks
Large and oversized items will cost more to ship, in accordance to the courier's shipping rates. We no longer ship tanks to overseas customers as the shipping price can go up to 4 figures, which may not be what the customer is willing to pay.

Please watch this video on dimensional weight to understand why your cart is reflecting a higher shipping fee when you have bulky items in your cart


Why is my order taking so long to arrive?
We take 48-72 hours to pack orders, which our local courier will pickup and send it on a plane to your country. However once the package arrives in the destination country, it may be subject to additional delays due to customs scan in, processing and sorting. We hate it when packages get delayed, however our ability to control the package movement ends the moment it leaves Singapore. Once it arrives in the destination country, the package is controlled by their customs and the destination post. If you have not received your order, kindly reach out to your local postal service with the tracking number of your order, as you will most likely get a faster reply than if we were to do it.

We would love to help you with this, however for us to place a trace on your order, we have to send in a request to our local post(1-2 business days), before they can send a request to the destination post (10-14 business days), and then for us to receive a reply, it can take up to further 2 months  - Hence it is much faster for the customer to directly reach out to your postal service. However we can, and will step in to help if you are unable to receive any assistance on your end.