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Fatpouches' Premium - Delight Hamster Seed Mix

Fatpouches' Premium - Delight Hamster Seed Mix

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Rodent feed, base mix. Price per 100g

(Quantites will be packed together unless indicated otherwise)

barley, wheat, paddy rice, buckwheat, cardi, oats, chickpeas, rye, peas maple peas, red corn, spelled, plate lentils, red lentils, yellow corn, sunflower seeds, radish seeds, milk thistle seeds, spinach seeds, pea flakes, pumpkin seeds , Milokorn, Dari, barley flakes, oat flakes, rye flakes, spelled flakes, puffed barley, puffed rice, carrot cubes, pumpkin cubes, cucumber slices, parsley root, beetroot, red pepper,sunflower blossoms, dill stalks, celery stalks, spinach stems, nettle leaves, dandelions, ribwort plantain, blackberry leaves, strawberry leaves, hazelnut leaves

Ingredients produced in Germany.